Equally Sew & Reap at TOWER EQUAL from Earth to Forever
  1. HEARTS & SOULS conquers
  2. ToRoot conquers
  3. Equally SEW & REAP is the only terms
  4. The scale of SEW & REAP conquers
  5. Every member must equally SEW & REAP
  6. Equal timing
  7. Equally root awareness
  8. Equally accredit
  9. The hammer of SEW & REAP conquers
  10. Equally stand
  1. Equate the pillars of TOWER EQUAL
  2. Anything that refuses to equally sew & reap while hindering the pillars of TOWER EQUAL is an enemy
  1. Swear to equally sew & reap with all members of TOWER EQUAL
  2. Demonstrate to equally sew & reap, with everyone that demonstrates, to equally sew & reap
  3. Safeguard the pillars of TOWER EQUAL
  1. There is only two countries in the HEARTS of MEN. The country of EQUALLY & the country of Unequally.
  2. Thus, TOWER EQUAL & Tower unequal are in every country on earth
  3. This is the first and last war amongst mankind.
  4. TOWER EQUAL is the, one true country amongst mankind.
  5. For these reasons we will always name our assembly TOWER EQUAL, and live by its original pillars of 2020 A.D. One name and philosophy, Forever...
EQUALIST AGENDA (Coming Soon!!!)
The Future is Equal...

Scribed by DOVE as part of DOVE'S DECLARATION